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Transition Assistance

Transition Assistance

Your military service has earned you valuable services and benefits, but you can only take advantage of them if you understand which you're eligible for and how to get them. Congress has directed the military services to provide each transitioning service member a preseparation counseling session no less than 90 days before separation. As a Soldier, your installation will not let you clear until you have received counseling. A completed DD Form 2648, the Preseparation Counseling Checklist, is your proof that you have received the required counseling. You owe it to yourself and your family to contact your nearest ACAP Center to arrange for a counseling session as soon as possible. You can find the nearest ACAP Center by clicking on ACAP Centers at the left of your screen. If you are located too far from a listed ACAP Center, you may visit a Transition Assistance Office at any other nearby installation, regardless of the branch of service.

By selecting from the options at the right of your screen, you can learn a great deal about available services and benefits for which you may be eligible and establish a personal transition timeline so you can take advantage of them. Each article provides essential information and links to other websites that will help you to better prepare for a smooth and successful transition. You can also download a copy of the Department of Defense Preseparation Guide by clicking on the link at the left of your screen. This Guide provides additional, Service specific information about transition services and benefits. While this information will help you get started, it's no substitute for the individualized assistance your ACAP Center can give you.


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