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Relocation Assistance

Relocation Assistance

Excess Leave and Permissive TDY (PTDY)
Permissive TDY and excess leave are authorized to facilitate certain transition activities before you leave the military. Your eligibility for excess leave and permissive TDY, however, depends on the conditions under which you leave active duty. If you are leaving voluntarily, you are not eligible for excess leave or permissive TDY. Retirees are also ineligible for excess leave but are eligible for permissive TDY (20 days for CONUS retirees and 30 days for OCONUS retirees) for the purpose of job or house hunting and other relocation related activities. If you are being honorably separated under certain involuntary programs, you may be eligible for excess leave or permissive TDY and should check with your personnel office for details. Excess leave and permissive TDY must be approved by your commander.

Travel and Transportation Allowances
You will be provided funded travel and transportation in connection with your departure from active duty. Your specific entitlements will depend on your type of separation. As soon as possible, contact your transportation office for more information about your entitlements and to make arrangements for your move. Keep in mind that moving arrangements should be made early.

Deciding where you will live after you leave federal service is an important decision.  Your choice will impact on your cost of living, job opportunities, the quality of education and health care for your family, and your quality of life.  You can use the Internet to learn about places to live or the quality of life almost anywhere. From small towns to major cities, the Web can help you research schools, job opportunities, housing costs, programs and facilities, etc. There are many websites that can help you learn more about relocating. Select Links from the graphic menu at the left of your screen and check out the Relocation Assistance Websites. Your ACAP Center counselor can also help you research locations.

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