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Post Government (Military) Service Employment Restriction Counseling

Post Government (Military) Service Employment Restriction Counseling

Various laws restrict the type of employment individuals leaving government service can accept. Some of these laws apply only to military personnel; others apply only to personnel above a certain pay grade. Your installation ethics counselor will advise and assist you in determining if you may be restricted from accepting a particular type of employment. Before you leave active duty, you are required to receive counseling about post-government service employment restrictions. This counseling is mandatory for all separating and retiring military personnel.

Your ACAP counselor will provide you with contact information for the ethics counselor on your installation. When you meet with the counselor, be sure to provide detailed information about your situation and find out how new legislation or regulations might affect you. You want to be sure the information you receive applies to your circumstances. Remember, ethics counselors cannot render authoritative legal opinions nor are any statements you make or documents you provide to the counselor considered confidential or privileged.

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