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Job Assistance

Job Assistance

Finding a new and rewarding career is serious business. How well you conduct your job search will determine your future earnings, where you live, and how satisfied you are with your job. At the same time, this is your opportunity to set your course for a new future. The stakes are high and, like any serious mission, your job search requires careful planning and aggressive execution. Your ACAP Center can teach you what you need to know, give you the resources you require, and help you to succeed. You can find the ACAP Center nearest you by clicking ACAP Centers at the left of your screen. If you are located too far from a listed ACAP Center, you may attend a workshop at any other nearby military installation, regardless of the branch of service. Contact the Transition Assistance Office on the installation for more information.

By selecting from the options at the right, you can learn all about the elements of the job search process. Each article provides information key to conducting a successful job search and links to websites that will help you prepare for your next career. This information will help you get started, but it's no substitute for the individualized help your ACAP Center can give you.


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Job Assistance

Setting a Realistic Objective

Assessing your Abilities

Exploring the Market

Creating Effective Resumes

Applying for a Federal Job

Maxing the Job Interview

Dressing for Success

Evaluating and Negotiating Job Offers